About Us

Sagacity incorporation is an Information Technology company that excels in providing quality consulting services to its clients. Our area of expertise is providng consulting for enterprise resource planning systems mainly SAP. We offer consulting services in areas such as SAP ABAP, SAP Portals, SAP BW and SAP Functional for all SAP modules.

In today’s information technology market where finding a right candidate to do your job is becoming harder day by day, there is one name that you can trust to do it right and make the whole process easierfor you, Sagacity Incorporation.

Sagacity is committed to bring highly skilled experienced professionals onboard to help expedite the project work and always get the job done on time. Sagacity Consultants go through an extremely difficult selection process in order to become part of ever growing Sagacity family. Our employees and consultants are very well versed in various modules of SAP and have several years of combined industry experience.

Sagacity is equally committed to carrier growth and knowledge enhancement of its employees and consultants by providing them appropriate trainings from time to time. Sagacity understands the importance of its dedicated, highly qualified team members and always remembers their hard work and services that has been the core of our success.